Rock climbing – Velický zub

Do you like action-packed relaxation in the mountains? You may then appreciate a newly opened climbing route to Velický zub, a rocky tower near the Sliezsky dom hotel.

The secured, sport climbing route in the firm rock wall can be climbed not only by active alpinists and rock climbers*, but also by children over 10 years of age accompanied by parents experienced in alpinism.** Thanks to a high level of security standard, the route can also be climbed by complete beginners and children over 12 without climbing experience accompanied by a professional climbing instructor or a mountain guide.

* The first and second section of the route is secured by fixed protections and can be climbed with the use of a quickdraw only, without placing own protections

** The child (as well as the parent) must be able to climb UIAA grade V routes and have a command of climbing protection and abseiling techniques.

Technical data:

  • The wall height from the start to the top is 135 meters
  • 71 progress, stand and abseiling protections are attached along the route and descent
  • Stand and abseiling protections consist of two 95 mm stainless steel bolts
  • Progress protections consist of 75 mm stainless steel bolts

We will get you an instructor:

You can book a climbing trip with a professional instructor by calling or emailing the reception desk at Sliezsky dom; we will also give you the necessary climbing equipment.

Video from ascent

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