Winter climb to Gerlach

Just imagine that splendid view of snowy valleys bathing in the sun at the foot of the Tatra Mountains that opens in front of you standing on the top of Gerlachovský štít. This is how your day may look like if you decide to climb Slovakia’s highest summit while enjoying all the comfort Sliezsky dom has to offer for you to prepare for the greatest of your hiking adventures. It’s the most marvellous challenge, especially in the winter! All the more so if you decide to make the climb in the company of your friends or a partner. For its height (2,654 m), accessibility and breath-taking mountain scenery, Gerlachovský štít is one of the most visited summits in the Tatras.  Gerlachovský štít is only accessible in the company of a mountain guide that we will be happy to book for you.

About the ascent of Gerlach


Gerlachovský štít is closed for unguided hikers. There is no marked trail going to the top; for safety reasons you are only allowed to climb it with an UIAGM certified mountain guide.

We will make sure that a mountain guide takes a good care of you. He will assess the weather and other conditions for your climb, identify dangers and eliminate most risks you may encounter during your ascent of Gerlachovský štít.  He can cheer you up, help you with your climbing technique, endurance, and even with your “head”.

Our mountain guides from the Mountain Pro Guiding agency have the highest attainable training and many years of experience from climbing expeditions both in Slovakia and abroad. Some of them are rather laconic, others will amuse you with gripping facts about every larger piece of rock you get to see during the trip, but they all have one thing in common: your safety is their top priority. If you are looking for something more challenging and adventurous, they can surely help.  Take your friends from abroad to see Gerlach too – our guides speak English. They will make sure your trip will be a true once-in-a-lifetime experience for all of you.

In addition to getting clients safely to the grandest of the Tatras’ summits, they also regularly visit the Mountain Guides Club in Sliezsky dom to talk about their adventures. Listen to their stories of adrenaline-rushing rescue operations and enjoy the most splendid summit views through their eyes.  Let them amuse you with their entertaining stories and learn about things that can save your life in the mountains.  Discover what the life of mountain guides in the Tatras is about.


The ascent of Gerlachovský štít is a daylong hike.  It takes eight to ten hours to reach Gerlach from Sliezsky dom and come safely back, depending on the route you and your guide choose. Of course, the weather and your physical shape also come into play. Hikes start early in the morning.

Why so early? For the one thing, to make sure you return by daylight; secondly, to avoid bad weather – mornings are often beautiful in the Tatras, but clouds may gather around Gerlach by noon, obscuring the views from the top. Sometimes you cannot avoid the bad weather, but that’s the way the mountains are.


An averagely skilled and experience hiker can climb Gerlach without much difficulty. If you can climb Priečne sedlo or peaks like Jahňací štít, Rysy, Kriváň or Slavkovský štít within time specified on signposts or in maps, have no fear of climbing Gerlach in the company of a mountain guide.  Your guide will explain and show you everything you are not familiar with.

If you are not sure whether you are in good shape or have appropriate skills, our guides are here to advise and assist you. First of all, you have to tell your guide about your health and physical conditions. Your trip to Gerlach also includes an insurance coverage in case you would need Mountain Rescue Service assistance.


The maximum number of persons led by a single guide tied to a short rope is specified by the Technical Committee of NAHV SR (the Slovak National Mountain Guide Association). In the winter, maximum two clients per guide are permitted.


Children over 7 years of age are allowed on guided hikes, including a climb to Gerlach. So, if you have a “young chamois” at home who is even faster than you, do not fear to take them for a hike from Sliezsky dom to Gerlach.

Rules to respect when climbing with children:

A single group (not more than two clients during the winter season) can include only one child under 15.
The child should be in good physical shape. If you have managed to complete trips to such Tatra chalets as Téryho chata or Zbojnícka chata within time given in maps or on signposts, your child is good to go.
We recommend that you test your child on a less demanding trip first, for example, a hike to Lomnický štít from Lomnické sedlo.  The elevation difference is some 400 m only, but the hike also involves climbing sections.

However, the best time to climb Gerlach with a child is in the summer – from the end of June to the end of September, when conditions are ideal, with no snow cover.

Your child should have all equipment and gear necessary for a trip with a mountain guide

Climbing equipment – winter

What you need to take in the winter:

  • winter hiking footwear with firm soles
  • gaiters
  • 30 – 35 litre backpack
  • winter sportswear – two sets of thermal underwear, Gore-Tex or other waterproof outerwear (jacket, trousers), a (hooded) sweatshirt, a down vest or jacket, 2 caps/hats, two pairs of gloves, warm socks
  • water bottle – thermos flask
  • head torch
  • sunglasses
  • snow goggles

Recommended equipment:

  • first aid kit
  • sun protection cream
  • spare shoes

Climbing gear you get from us and your mountain guide:

  • ice axe
  • crampons
  • climbing helmet
  • climbing harness (full-body/chest/sit)
  • locking carabiner
  • avalanche kit (an avalanche transceiver + spare batteries, probe, shovel); this item is not included in the price of the trip

Ascent routes to Gerlach

There are several ascent routes to Gerlachovský štít, with various levels of difficulty.

Main ascent routes:

1. Ascent via Velická próba (Normálka)

Being relatively easy (graded I-II on the UIAA scale), Normálka is the most popular route. You head from Sliezsky dom towards Kvetnica, than you cross an exposed section – the so called Velická próba, to a saddle called Sedielko. The route traverses a kettle hole all the way under the Kotlový štít peak from where you can get a first glimpse of the summit during your ascent.  The ascent continues by traversing the pillars on the side of the valley of Batizovská dolina all the way up to just below the summit. The descent route runs through a glen called Batizovský žľab and Batizovská próba back to Batizovská dolina where it joins Tatranská magistrála, a red marked hiking trail that will take you back to Sliezsky dom.

2. Ascent via Batizovská próba

This easier route (grade I on the UIAA scale) is especially used in a transitory period between summer and winter. Since the usual route via Velická próba is technically demanding during this period, both the ascent and descent are made through Batizovská próba. If the weather is good, this route is not used.

3. Ascent via Tatarkova próba – across Zadný Gerlach

A beautiful, grade II-III climbing route. You will leave the hiking trail in the valley of Velická dolina near the beautiful glacial lake called Dlhé pleso. Then you continue via Tatarkova próba – the climbing route is secured by chains and other artificial protections.  Go up the right side of Tetmaierov žľab towards Gerlachovské sedlo to arrive at Zadný Gerlach. From Zadný Gerlach, cross the exposed ridge through Gerlachovské sedlo to the summit of Gerlach. The usual descent route is via Batizovská próba.

4. Martinova cesta (Martinka)

Martinka is a grade II-III climbing route. The hiking trail in Velická dolina will take you to the Dlhé pleso tarn and further to the ridge of Litvorové sedlo. From there, you continue along the ridge crossing Lučivianske veže, Litvorové veže, Lavínovú vežu, Lavínový štít and Zadný Gerlach. The route then continues as Tatarkova próba.

Why to start your Gerlach hike from our hotel?


Sliezsky dom is an ideal starting point for your trip to Gerlach. Located at the south-eastern side of Gerlachovský štít, our hotel is the departure point of choice for most hikers. Leave your car parked in the village of Tatranská Polianka and we will drive you to Sliezsky dom.


You can book a date of your trip and a mountain guide with us.We will lend you a complete climbing set necessary to reach the summit safely.


You don’t need to pack your food two days in advance; we will take good care of your hungry stomach!


If you get soaked during the trip, a cup of hot tea with rum served in Sliezsky dom is the best way to warm you up. You can sit down and relax on our sunny terrace after your return from the exhausting ascent.  A warm dinner, hot shower and sauna are waiting for you.


We won’t leave you starving after you return from Gerlach! A good dinner from our menu is included in your accommodation package.


You may get drenched to the skin on your climb to Gerlach. You may get numb with cold. Our sauna will warm you up, giving you time to relax and feast your eyes on the majestic peak you have just conquered.


A good meal is what you deserve for your memorable hike to Gerlach. Get your strength back with delicate meals typical of the Tatras prepared in an unconventional way!


Your climb to Gerlach starts at 5 a.m. If you are staying down in the valley, you will have to get up much earlier, around 3 a.m. Come to stay with us; you will get more sleep and we will make everything ready by 5 a.m. You will be fresh to enjoy the hike.

Book a hike to Gerlach


  • A climbing trip to Gerlach with a certified mountain guide
  • Accommodation in a tourist room, or in a comfort double-bed room and/or a suite
  • Breakfast served as a buffet or à la carte
  • Dinner served as a buffet or a 3-course menu
  • Lunch package, including drinks (one per person)
  • A free entry to wellness for 1 hour/day – including dry sauna, steam sauna, jacuzzi, and a relaxation room offering a unique vista of Velické pleso
  • Wi-fi internet connection
  • Transfer from Tatranská Polianka to the hotel on the day of arrival and transfer from the hotel to Tatranská Polianka on the day of departure
  • Car parking in Tatranská Polianka


  • We will equip you with a complete climbing set: sit harness, climbing helmet, carabiner – plus crampons and an ice axe in the winter
  • Insurance coverage for Mountain Rescue Service assistance. To get the insurance coverage, you need to provide your name, surname, date of birth and address of permanent residence
  • Maximum three persons per guide are allowed in the summer, two persons per guide in the winter


15 June to 31 October 2018

Trip to Gerlach, accommodation, meals and wellness – starting from € 295.

The final price depends on the number of people, type of room, dates of your stay and hotel occupancy. We will be glad to quote you a special price for children.
We reserve the right to change prices. The price does not include the local accommodation tax of € 1/person/night. All prices include VAT.

tel: +421 911 882 879, +421 918 988 309
We will send you a quotation after we receive your booking application.

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